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Structural Improvements and Additions

As the children of the orphanage reach teenage and young adult years, there is a great need for a facility to meet the educational challenges of high school years. Our current capital improvement project encompasses an addition to the Terchoonian building that will house a high school, library, and recreational facility. The building will be named in memory of the late Hrant Dink (September 15, 1954 - January 19, 2007), a prominent Armenian journalist, editor, and columnist who was assassinated in Turkey. Mr Dink visited the orphanage and also was a long-time faithful supporter.

In addition to the financial demands of the new construction, there is a continuing need for a library, educational tools, and supplies. Your generous donations are most appreciated; they will make these improvements possible as well as give hope and educational opportunities to our children. To donate, please click here.

Hrant Dink

January 22, 2007: A memorial service was held at the Terchoonian Home Orphanage to honor and remember Hrant Dink who was himself raised in an orphanage and was a frequent visitor and supporter of Terchoonian.

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